New work by Marie-Luce Nadal (SACRe PhD) presented in Karlsruhe

Marie-Luce Nadal, who obtained SACRe PhD from EnsAD, presents a new work as part of the group exhibition Negative Space, from April 6 to August 11 at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.

The Negative Space exhibition seeks to change the dominant vision of modern and contemporary sculpture by telling a different story. In order to study the relationship between sculpture and space in a resolutely spatial way, the works of art presented approach the sculptural phenomenon in relation to various spatial concepts: open spaces, surrounding spaces, hollows and intermediates, mirrors, spaces of shadow and light, virtual data spaces, etc. The exhibition offers a complete overview of the art of sculpture which, unlike the traditional concept, engages in contour, emptiness and levitation. Visitors will see what is light instead of what is heavy, what is not full but rather empty, what is open instead of closed, what is not dense but diaphanous, airy, and light.

By presenting more than 200 pioneering artistic positions, which develop new approaches to sculpture through processes and models of abstraction, construction and non-objectivity, the exhibition provides multiple artistic references to develop the concept of "negative space". The trajectories of spatial sculpture will be traced along the lines of cubism, constructivism, neo-constructivism, minimal art and today's immersive environments.



6 April 2019 - 11 August 2019
Culture - Exposition
école nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs

Center for Art and Media

Lorenzstra?e 19 - 76135 Karlsruhe (Allemagne)
2019-04-06 14:00 2019-08-11 20:00 Europe/Paris New work by Marie-Luce Nadal (SACRe PhD) presented in Karlsruhe Lorenzstra?e 19 - 76135 Karlsruhe (Allemagne)